This is the required initial training for all volunteers.

“An Introduction to Mentoring” is a general orientation to mentoring and important mentoring skills.  It focuses on what a mentor is, what a mentor does, and how to build a good mentoring relationship. It will help you become aware of personal expectations while exploring the roles and responsibilities of a mentor, the match life cycle and steps to successful volunteering. Please RSVP to Sharon McCoy, Customer Relations Specialist, at 215-343-8260 ext 100 or

Volunteers must attend this mandatory training before being matched.

March, April, May 2019 Schedule


This is a required orientation for all parents/guardians.

“Parent Orientation” is a general introduction into our programs and the role of a parent/guardian in these programs.  It will also focus on the enrollment process, Child Safety Ground Rules, and the matching process.  It will help you decide whether our program is the right fit for your child.  Most importantly, it will help you effectively support a potential future match for your child.

 Please RSVP to Sharon A McCoy, Customer Relations Specialist, at 215-343-8260 ext. 100 or

A Pre-interview Application will be given out at the end of this orientation.  Once this application is returned, your child will be considered on the “Waiting to be Interviewed List.”

February, March, April, May 2019 Schedule

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